Hearty Women Entrepreneurs

Each day, an increasing number of women are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey by starting their own businesses. Currently, women account for 40 percent of startup founders, and this figure continues to rise. With such a substantial presence of women entrepreneurs in the business world, there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared among them. Recognizing this, Hearty Women is introducing a digital platform dedicated to providing support for female entrepreneurs. This platform will offer a wide range of resources catering to those who are just starting out, as well as those who have been running their businesses for years. Whether you are a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, the site will be a valuable hub for empowerment and growth.

empowering children of Narayenpet

Heartywomen is a not only promoting products and services and assisting women entrepeneurs that helps women, who otherwise would be unable to do so, improve their lives. We offered tutoring for students who attend Narayenpet Backward School in grades 10 and 12. HW also offers other programs to help the community in different ways (indivisible).

Bhandara Exhibition at Kanha July 2022.

On July 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2022, we will celebrate Chariji’s presence in our lives by participating in a virtual Bhandara commemorating his 94th birth anniversary.

It was a great pleasure to be part of the exhibition, it was a great learning experience. There were many people who came to see the exhibition and they all enjoyed it. We received many good comments from the visitors. It was nice to see so many people having fun in the exhibition. All our volunteers had a great time and we hope that we can do more stalls  in the future too. It was an amazing experience for us as well and we would like to thank everyone who participated in this project. We will be looking forward to more exhibitions in future.

Bhandara Exhibition at Kanha April 29th -1st May 2022.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the exhibition, and it was a fantastic learning experience. Many people came to see the exhibition, and they all enjoyed it. Visitors left us many positive comments. It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves at the exhibition. All of our volunteers had a great time, and we hope to do more stalls in the future. It was an incredible experience for us as well, and we’d like to thank everyone who helped with this project. We hope to see more exhibitions in the future.

The business Women Expo 2022"

It was a great pleasure for us to organize the business Women Expo 2022. We were glad that we were able to meet so many businesswomen, and that they enjoy our exhibition. We would like to thank all the participants and exhibitors who helped make it a success. We are looking forward to the business Women Expo 2023!  It featured over 80 stands from companies and organisations with a focus on women’s empowerment, leadership, entrepreneurship. The program included panel discussions, workshops, product demonstrations and more. Our exhibitor lineup included small businesses in the areas of health, wellness, beauty and fashion.