Kalyani Chivukula


Kalyani Chivukula

Myself kalyani from bangalore I am a neurotherapy consultant past 18 years practicing this treatment treatment all kinds of problems.


Kalyani Chivukula NEUROTHERAPY Consultant Having 18 years experience Treated patients for all kinds of problems. This is 100% drugless treatment, this treatment has no side-effects and completely natural treatment. We don’t use any equipments. We find the problem faced by the person taking treatment by checking them.

We use formulas and give pressure at pressure points using hands and legs to stimulate internal organs by removing blockage and improving blood circulation of the whole body. We treat all kinds of problems.

Right from newborn baby to aged people,we have solutions in this treatment .

Speciality in this treatment we have cured many problems like slipdisc, uterus fibroid, kidney dialysis, autoimmune disorder, stress relief, Autism etc….. avoiding operation with good results.

ūüôŹ We improve the immune system by removing the toxins in the whole body Diseases caused by any type of side-effects from any medicine also can be cured this treatment gives quick relief

Shree Krishna Bio - Enzymes

Chemically the bio enzymes are a mixture of complex organic substances such as proteins , salts and other materials that are by-products of the bacteria/yeast (Naturally occurring) that we use to make the bio-enzyme 

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